Instagram NEWS - some hashtags are now #BANNED



Instagram seems to be trying to control its content with this new list of forbidden hashtags, some being more understandable than others..

Nick Drewe, an expert in social networks explained to the Huffington Post that “There are two levels of censorship. Hashtags can either have an outright block, and return no results, or a sort of ‘soft,’ often more temporary censorship with around 30 results.”

So what it means is, if you try to look up something obviously inappropriate you'll see a nice ''No hashtags found" pop up on your screen. That we can stand behind; some content can be offensive and the platform could really use some supervision as some of us use it for either business purposes or to share our plain love for photography.

As you go through the entire list, you might find yourself quite confused as to why some of them are restricted. For example if you type "instamood" as your searched tag, you'll notice that only a few top posts are going to be accessible for browsing while the recent ones are going to be hidden from public view. 

As expected some people are not letting this new censorship restrain them from fully  expressing their thoughts and are already coming up with ways to fool the system by adding or changing the accent mark on the words we aren't supposed to use or by simply adding extra spaces between the letters.

Some photographers and active Instagram users claimed to have gotten shadow banned (click here to read more on that) and this new update might just be the reason why. 

Run through these and make sure no to use them! 

Here’s the complete list of restricted hashtags:

  • #adulting
  • #alone
  • #americangirl
  • #ariefmirna2015
  • #armparty
  • #asia
  • #asiandick
  • #attractive
  • #babyrp
  • #bacak
  • #badbitcztwerk
  • #baddie
  • #balenciaga
  • #balls
  • #bang
  • #bangbang
  • #batikate
  • #beaty
  • #belfie
  • #bi
  • #bigdickboy
  • #bikinibody
  • #bombshell
  • #bootay
  • #bootybounce
  • #bra
  • #brain
  • #breast
  • #buns
  • #butt
  • #butts
  • #cam
  • #carving
  • #catsau
  • #cesitone
  • #cheeky
  • #citycentre
  • #commentschivettes
  • #costumes
  • #cph
  • #cpr
  • #csun
  • #cumfession
  • #curvesfordays
  • #curvy
  • #damngirl
  • #datass
  • #date
  • #dating
  • #desk
  • #direct
  • #dm
  • #dominant
  • #dripping
  • #dutchgirl
  • #dxb
  • #easter
  • #ebonyandivory
  • #edm
  • #edmbabes
  • #eggplant
  • #eggplants
  • #eggporn
  • #elevator
  • #escilepernatale
  • #estellaseraphim
  • #everybodyisbeautiful
  • #excitada
  • #expose
  • #fapstagram
  • #feetofatlanta
  • #fishnets
  • #foreplay
  • #freakshow
  • #freethenipple
  • #gays
  • #gilofashion
  • #girlsonly
  • #gloves
  • #goddess
  • #hamishnadine
  • #happythanksgiving
  • #hardsummer
  • #hijabiba
  • #hooters
  • #hornyyyyyyasf
  • #hotgirls
  • #hotguy
  • #hots
  • #hottie
  • #humpday
  • #iamgay
  • #instagirl
  • #instamood
  • #istanbulgay
  • #italiano
  • #jugs
  • #kansas
  • #kickoff
  • #kik
  • #kikgirl
  • #kikmessenger
  • #killingit
  • #kissing
  • #lesbian
  • #lesbiansofinstagram
  • #lilmandingo
  • #lingerie
  • #lust
  • #marcoreus
  • #master
  • #mebelim
  • #medicina
  • #mexicangirl
  • #mirrorphoto
  • #mixedgirls
  • #models
  • #mr40club
  • #mrsandmrsbordeaux
  • #mrtox
  • #nacket
  • #nasty
  • #newyears
  • #newyearsday
  • #ngento
  • #oovoo
  • #petite
  • #piroka
  • #pixie
  • #poop
  • #pornfood
  • #printic
  • #publicrelations
  • #pushups
  • #rack
  • #ravebabes
  • #roleplay
  • #russiangirl
  • #russianmilf
  • #saltwater
  • #sexlife
  • #shebad
  • #shesquats
  • #shit
  • #shower
  • #single
  • #singlelife
  • #skype
  • #slimthick
  • #snap
  • #snapback
  • #snapchat
  • #snapchatgay
  • #snapme
  • #sokus
  • #sopretty
  • #spanishgirl
  • #sparklingnudes
  • #stopdropandyoga
  • #stranger
  • #streetphoto
  • #stud
  • #submission
  • #sultry
  • #sunbathing
  • #swole
  • #tag4like
  • #takeitoff
  • #teens
  • #tgif
  • #thatasstho
  • #thick
  • #thought
  • #todayimwearing
  • #treviso
  • #twerk
  • #twerker
  • #undies
  • #valentinesday
  • #vatine
  • #weed
  • #weedstagram
  • #weezmoney
  • #wet
  • #whitegirl
  • #woman
  • #womancrushwednesday
  • #women
  • #workflow

And here’s a list of completely banned hashtags:

  • #anal
  • #anon
  • #arse
  • #ballsack
  • #bigboobs
  • #bigbootyhoe
  • #bigtits
  • #bigtitties
  • #bitches
  • #blowjob
  • #bondagesex
  • #boobies
  • #boobstagram
  • #boobz
  • #booty
  • #bunda
  • #clevage
  • #clit
  • #cock
  • #cocks
  • #cum
  • #cumshot
  • #cunt
  • #daddydirection
  • #daddydom
  • #daddylove
  • #dick
  • #dicks
  • #faggot
  • #fatass
  • #femdom
  • #fetish
  • #footfetish
  • #freethenips
  • #frisky
  • #fucking
  • #funbags
  • #girlsgonewild
  • #girlsofinstagram
  • #grindin
  • #gstring
  • #hardcore
  • #hmu
  • #hoes
  • #horny
  • #IG
  • #ilovemyinstagram
  • #incest
  • #instababe
  • #instabody
  • #instafuck
  • #instahot
  • #instasex
  • #jizz
  • #kike
  • #kikmeboys
  • #kikmenow
  • #killyourself
  • #kinky
  • #kontol
  • #kyke
  • #lean
  • #like
  • #loseweight
  • #naughtygirls
  • #nekkid
  • #nigger
  • #nipple
  • #nipples
  • #nips
  • #nobra
  • #nudepics
  • #orgasm
  • #penis
  • #popular
  • #popularpage
  • #porn
  • #porno
  • #pornography
  • #pornstar
  • #proanorexia
  • #probulimia
  • #seksi
  • #selfharm
  • #sexiest
  • #sexual
  • #sexyaf
  • #sexybody
  • #sexygirl
  • #sexys
  • #sexyteen
  • #shirtless
  • #slut
  • #sluts
  • #snowbunnies
  • #spankme
  • #spic
  • #tetas
  • #thickgirls
  • #thighs
  • #thinspiration
  • #thinspo
  • #tit
  • #tits
  • #titties
  • #titty
  • #toket
  • #twerking
  • #twerkteam
  • #twink
  • #vag
  • #wank
  • #whitepower
  • #whore
  • #whores
  • #wtf
  • #xxx
  • #おっぱい

Happy posting!
- The Frenzr team

Our 5 FAVORITE Creative iPhone Apps

top five creative apps frenzr social media montreal

Apps, apps, apps... There are so many different options when it comes to what app to use to achieve the best Instagram post.

Looking at the app store is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, there are thousands of apps but no way to know if they are actually worth it! The wide array of apps that are presented can be incredibly overwhelming which is why we've made a TOP 5 shortlist for you! We've decided to put together the best creative apps that will help you achieve top notch Instagram/Facebook posts! We will include the best editing apps, planning apps, and video apps so that your content can hit ALL the bases.


A Color Story

This is a multi-faceted editing app that allows you to create hundreds of different effects and filters on your images. The app has three basic categories where you can edit your photos. The categories are; filters, effects, and tools. Each basic category comes with a handful of options and within the app, there is a 'store' in which you can buy more filters or effects. The filters category allows you to add a multitude of filters to your photos to help in the editing process. Although you have to buy extra filters, there are much more options that the standard ones in the Instagram app. The effects consist of different light leaks, color fogs and over effects that you can use on a photo to make your followers wonder "how did you do that?!" While not for everybody, the effects at time can add a certain 'je ne sais quoi' to a photo. The tools feature gives you your basic panel of editing features like clarity, contrast, brightness, saturation and much more! This app really is a one-stop shop when it comes to getting all of your photo editing done in one app.

Our favourite feature: The lengthy editing tools that you can use that go BEYOND Instagram.

social media montreal



Facetune is a wonderful app for helping you to enhance your features. The app allows you to edit & enhance details on your face, add glow, conceal, matte-fy your face, add vibrancy, whiten teeth and smooth out skin. On a bad skin day, this is great! Had too much red wine? Also great! BUT take into account when using face tune to not tune TOO much, as you still want to look as natural and unedited as possible.

Keep in mind, social media photography & general photography are all about creating the most aesthetic and eye appealing photos without any additional distractions. Little breakouts, teeth color & others can be exactly that distraction at times. We're not saying at ALL that you need to Facetune yourself before posting a photo but it's worth exploring!

Our favourite feature: Detail tool! Adds a contrast + sharpens the edges of the spots you touch! Perfect to make your eyes pop, make the details of your outfit stand out & so much more!

social media montreal


Planning your Feed


Sometimes it's nice to plan your feed ahead of time so you don't have to come up with content every day crossing your fingers it will all flow together. UNUM allows you to look at what your feed COULD look like. In other words, you can upload images to this app and place them alongside your already existing posts to make sure all is well in the Instagram world. This is great for those who want to achieve a very professional and aesthetically pleasing Instagram. The worst is when you post a photo and it looks terrible with all the others! Within UNUM you can also edit photos, add overlays and text and it will also show you what one photo broke up over multiple posts will look like (you know when you go onto a page and someone has posted multiple pictures for one large post? That's what we're talking about). It makes it easy to do posts as such because you can open the photos straight into Instagram so you don't get mixed up with the placement of the photos! One last feature we love about UNUM is the statistics section. It will keep track of your best hashtags, your top posts, how your feed is performing, and the best times to post. If you upgrade to an elite package you can track how many followers you gain and lose throughout the days, weeks and months. If you're someone who is looking into growing your page, this will help because you'll be able to see first hand what your followers respond well to.  

Our favourite feature: The fact that you can view your Instagram BEFORE posting it! 

social media montreal frenzr best editing apps



Our next app is called Mosaico and essentially, it does the same thing as UNUM but has slightly different features. This app is incredibly user-friendly as the drag and drop feature makes it easy to switch around your photos to get the perfect flow. As well, you can go into 'ghost' mode which lets you delete certain photos from your feed quickly so you can see what your feed would look like without them. Out of ghost mode, the photos will still be there (in case you didn't ACTUALLY want to delete them!). Another great plus to this is that you can create 'tag clouds' so you can categorize your favourite hashtags making it quick and simple to add to your photo depending on the subject (Food, Selfie, Fashion). 

Our favourite feature: Two words, TAG CLOUDS! We love being organized, and organized hashtags is a dream!




We LOVE this app! This is a great video editing app if you're into creating Instagram videos or even videos in general. VideoShop allows you to import video clips or images, edit their length, add music, voice over, slow motion, text, resize/crop, fade in, fade out and transitions in between clips. Once your video is made, you can also edit brightness, saturation (and more!) in order to make the perfect video. This app is incredibly user-friendly and makes it so easy to share or save to your camera roll. (without a watermark yay!)

Our favourite feature: That you can make videos on your phone without anything else. All you need is the phone, and and the app! Bye bye computer, hello to editing on the go! (Especially great for travel!)

social media montreal best editing apps

And there you have it, our top 5 favorite creative apps from the Apple Store!
Keep in mind they are always changing and we promise to stay on top to keep you posted as the leading lifestyle Social Media Agency in Montreal!

How to make the perfect flat lay?

how to make the perfect flatlay

A flat lay is exactly how it sounds. It's where you lie [lay] items down [flat] on some sort of chosen backdrop to display items. It's simple and makes a huge impact on your Instagram posts because if done right, it can really #wow your followers. A flat lay is simple and can be shot almost anywhere and contain anything from specialty items to things you'd find in your backpack. Read on if you'd like to learn how to perfect the flat lay!


The Right Gear!

In order to achieve to perfect flat lay, you have to have the right gear! An iPhone is great, but having the proper tools is just going to bring the quality of your content to the next level! 

1. A DSLR camera or good quality point and shoot [We use the Canon Rebel T3i]. Many point and shoot cameras now come with semi-manual or even completely manual settings that will allow you to completely chose the composition of your photo.

2. Secondly, you'll need a tripod. A tripod is going to help you keep your camera in the right position and steady so you can get a crisp clear image. On brighter days, a monopod will help with any shakiness, but the safest bet is to have a full standing tripod. We are DREAMING about this fancy edelkrone tripod that makes flat lay photography a breeze! 

3. Thirdly, you're going to need a computer with some sort of editing software (It doesn't have to be super fancy) so can change the exposure, contrast, saturation, temperature, and sharpness if need be.

4. Lastly, you will need some props and backdrops for your flat lays. The easiest and most accessible backdrops to buy are bristol boards. They aren't expensive and they allow you to chose from an array of colours.


Where to Shop 101

Props & Backdrops:

1. Your local Dollar store is a great resource for this kind of stuff! Some of our favourite finds include cut out letters, sparkles, sprinkles and colourful bristol boards.

2. The online site Etsy is a great place to find higher-end details or specific items that you've been looking to incorporate into your flat lays. Our last order was a funky wallpaper that we'll be using as a backdrop soon!

3. Indigo and Chapters (bookstores) are also great for getting little trinkets. They have a wide variety of playful and professional notebooks, mugs, blankets, pencil cases... almost everything! 


Your Theme

Before taking a flat lay, it is very important to know the overall look and vibe that you want your followers to get. Some themes can include business (laptops, phones, pens...) others can be fashion (#ootd) and so on. Everything in your photo has to make sense and all the items have to work together to represent your theme and yourself. Also, another great way to add something special to your flat lay is to include something personalized like a monogrammed pen or necklace, something that ties the items in your photos to you!


Colour Scheme

Next up, it's time to chose a colour palette! For the items that are your main focal point, you want to have 2 to 3 unifying colours and designs that will compliment one another. If you have too much going on then your flat lay will be displeasing to the eye. It's all about balance! For the colour of your background, chose something that is simple and corresponds with the items in your photo. If you are taking photos of kitchen items or food, then a tile/white/clean background would be perfect (even a wood cutting board). If you are making a flat lay of business professional items, very neutral colours such as gray, white, or even wood (like a wooden desk) would work. If your overall theme is whimsical, then pastels may be in order! The best way to find these colour schemes is to brainstorm ideas and make inspiration boards so that when it comes to taking photos, you are completely prepared!


how to make the perfect flatlay



Once you have a theme and colour scheme, it's time to figure out how you are going to place all your items! It's always good to have items that vary in size to show scale (ie: a laptop next to a pen, a journal next to a necklace).  Put thought into where you want each item to be and remember, if you take the photo wide enough, during the editing process you will have more room to play around with which section of the photo you'd like to use. Don't clump all of your smaller items together and bigger ones together; make sure to space everything out and mix larger and smaller items. Keep in mind, Instagram likes square photos, so when you are making your flat lay remember that the final image will be square. If you want to get an idea of what it will look like, you can use the square option on your phone camera to take a few snaps! Don't be scared to experiment and place items not completely in frame. Move items around until you're happy with it. It may take a few tries!


how to make the perfect flatlay




Lighting is everything when it comes to taking a colour popping crisp flat lay! You want to have the most natural light possible, such as a big window that lets light flood in! Ideally, you want morning light so that the light isn't too strong, but is enough to illuminate all your props in a balanced manner. If you take it at noon, your lighter colours may be overexposed, and if you take your photo in the afternoon/evening, your photos will be of a warmer yellow-y tint. If you can't take your photos in the morning, don't fret, you can always edit the colours later! Having the right lighting is also going to stop your photos from being blurry, grainy, too dark and of a gray-ish tint. If the lighting isn't right, no one will be able to appreciate the work that was put into your flat lay. Having the right lighting is going to let you have the best possible quality!



Once everything is set up, and you have the proper lighting, it's time to take the photo! Like the name, FLAT lay, your camera has to be parallel to your work so that all the items are proportionate to each other as in real life. If you take your photo on an angle, some items will appear bigger than others and you will lose those nice proportionate straight lines you're looking for. 


how to make the perfect flatlay


Lastly, there is the editing process. A good flat lay has nice crisp lines and bright whites & colours, but don't worry you don't need photoshop in order to achieve those! Most computers come with a general editing tool for photos. The important buttons you are going to want to play around with are exposure (brightness), contrast, saturation (for colours), temperature (to make whites whiter), and sharpness (to make lines a little cleaner). If your lighting and focus were right during shooting, none of these should be used excessively. They are simple little tricks in order to make your lines a little cleaner, your whites a little whiter and colours and little brighter. We still want the images to look natural and untouched, not heavily edited.


There you have it! The guide to a perfect flat lay!
- The Frenzr Team

The 6 Mistakes You're Making On Instagram

frenzr social media agency montreal

1.    Having Your Instagram Account on Private

Our number one faux pas on Instagram is having it on private.
First impressions matter, and by having a private account, you’re making no impression at all. When followers come across your page, if they have no visual content telling them WHO you are and WHAT you do, you can’t possibly engage with potential followers. Would you walk into an art gallery that has no art? No, because there’s nothing to look at. People want to follow content they enjoy, are interested in and can engage with right away. Potential followers do not want to ‘request’ to follow you only to hear back a day later. By that time, they’ve probably completely forgotten they requested in the first place. 


2.    Badly Executed Posting

Badly executed posts can be many things; posting too much, too little, having very little diversity in posts, and having bad content.

Everyone has that handful of friends on Instagram who post five photos a day for a week (usually when they’re on vacation right?) and then become radio silent for a month. Posting too much and inconsistently can deeply damage the traffic you bring to your page.

Followers want people who are reliable, surprise them everyday, and put effort into what they offer to their followers. With that being said, they don’t want to see the same thing every day. You can have the best strategy in the world, but if every post touches on the same topic or is constantly a #repost, followers will grow tired very fast. On the topic of content in posts, it is also very important to put the time and effort into making each photo unique, interesting and high quality. People love it when their news feeds are flooded with well thought out content.

Give yourself time to take a photo that has meaning, edit it and make it as beautiful as possible! We know you can! 


3.    Not Engaging with your Followers

If you are trying to grow a business with a good social media presence, your followers are your friends, they are your social media family. It is SO important to engage with the people who take time out of their busy schedules to comment and appreciate your work. Also, don’t forget, when people engage with your page, their followers can also see their activity which opens up a whole new window of opportunity for you! It’s a win-win!


4.    Not Using Hashtags

Hashtags are key to growing a successful Instagram account either for personal or business use. Hashtags allow people to find your photos! When you # a photo, Instagram categorizes it and makes it easier for people search that said Hashtag and find your photo.  If you don’t use hashtags, you’re making it very difficult for people to find your content which will only be hurt your business. We know there’s stigma around using “too many hashtags”, but who cares! If you want to grow a successful account, Hashtags are key, and the people who find your content will thank you for using them! It is also important to use ‘niche’ hashtags, so you don’t get caught up in all of the noise of social media. [Read our; ‘Hashtags for Everyday of the Week’ blog post to learn more about niche Hashtags and to see examples]. 


5.    Your Bio & Captions Don’t Inspire your Followers

Like a synopsis of a book (but WAY shorter!), you need your Instagram bio and captions to be catchy, relevant and inspiring! Like we mentioned before, first impressions matter, so it’s important to create a bio that speaks to your viewers and is true to yourself. It is important to include your name, what you do, as well as a fun anecdote [something you love that has nothing to do with your job]. Consider adding your location as well because people who share the same location as you will connect with you faster. Don’t be afraid to throw in a few emojis as well, but don’t over do it! 

For a business account, it is important to have a bio that explains your business because potential followers want to know right away! They don’t want to spend ten minutes googling you (if they even get to that!) trying to figure you out! If you have a website, it would also be a great idea to add the link to your website or upcoming events in your bio, that way when you caption posts “link in bio” your followers will know exactly where to go and have easy access to more of your content!

Regarding captions, your followers just want you to be real with them. Short and sweet is great, but every once and awhile, followers love to read real stories, like who really IS the person behind the scenes! Don’t be afraid to share stories, experiences, and goals. Treat your followers like your friends, and they will listen.


6.    You Don’t Have a Clear Visual Strategy

When building a solid Instagram page for personal use or business, it is important to have a clear idea of what kind of content you’d like to post. People generally follow accounts because they want your overall theme to be the same. Either your theme is 'business woman', 'mommy blogger' and so on, overall, you need to have something connecting all of your photos [other than yourself]. If you’re a business woman, and your account is professional, fun and colourful, we don’t need to see every course you had for dinner last night! If you’re a blogging traveling chef, then yes, we would expect to see some #foodstagrams! 

In order to be consistent throughout the week, the easiest way to stay on top is by planning everything out and refraining from posting photos as you take them. Take your photos ahead of time, edit them and see if you still like them. Many times we love photos when we take them, then look back the next day and absolutely hate them! Visualize what your new content will look like with the rest of your images. Does it follow your colour theme? Is the story behind it compelling enough or relatable to your type of followers? Set times during the day when you’d like to post and really take the time to create good fluid content that works together with what you have. 

There you go,
Now go and apply!

- The Frenzr Social Media team

Hashtags for Everyday of the Week

social media marketing montreal

What is a Hashtag Anyways!?

A hashtag is no longer the ‘pound’ key found at the bottom right of your phone (if you even remember it being there!), but it is a way for followers to identify and find images regarding certain topics! Hashtags are usually used on twitter and Instagram, they ‘flag’ your photos/posts under what you feel best represents the story and content of your image. Therefore, when people look up hashtags, they will be able to come across your photos that contain the same hashtag.

Is There a Wrong Way to Hashtag?

YES! With all of the clutter that is social media, there are ways in which you can use hashtags to dim the noise around you and stand out! These would be called using ‘niche’ hashtags. A ‘niche’ hashtag is going to be something that is more specific to what your content is so you can get noticed. For example, #blogger has 31,505,337 posts under that hashtag. That is a HUGE amount of noise to stand out in! BUT, since we are in Montreal, if we were to put #MtlBlogger, there are 78,354 posts. Much less noise than before, right!?


#Hashtags for Everyday of the Week


Now, since we know the basics uses of the Hashtag, we’re going to provide you with a list of Hashtags to use for each day of the week. We’ve come up with some alternatives to #ThrowbackThursday (1,372,311 posts) and #Friyay (3,044,505 posts) so your content can stand out amongst cat photos and coffee shots!

*Also, feel free to add acronyms of your city to the beginning of these hashtags. For example, #Brunch (13,197,859 posts) -> #MtlBrunch (3,946) posts. This will also help you connect with people within your community.


#Mondayz                   #MondayLove              #MondayFeels            #MondayMonday

#MondayFun               #MondayVibe              #MondayAgain            #Mondaze

#Mondayitis                #MondayInspo            #MondayMantra

#MondayGrind            #MagicMonday           #OnAMonday

#MondayFace             #MondayFitness         #MondayFun


#Tuesdays                   #TuesdayTruth            #TuesdayGrind              #Tuesdaze

#TuesdayTip                #TuesdayFeels           #TuesdaysTogether   

#TuesdayMood           #TuesdayTunes           #TuesdayTransformation

#TuesdayVibes            #TuesdayMotivation   #TuesdayAfternoon

#TuesdayTreat            #TuesdayDinner         



#WednesdayVibes      #WednesdayFeels                  #MidWeekMadness

#WednesdayMood      #WednesdayMotivation         #Winesday

#WednesdaySelfie      #WednesdayWords                #Wednesdaze

# WednesdayNights   #MidWeekTreat

#WednesdayFun         #MidWeekMotivation



#ThursdayVibes          #ThursdayThrowback              #Thursdaze

#ThursdayFun             #ThursdayTreat                       #ThursdayThought

#ThursdayThoughts    ThursdayClub

#ThursdayEvening       #ThursdayFlow

#ThursdayFeels           #ThirstyThursdayz



#Fridayy                      #FridayFace                #FridayImInLove

#Fridayz                      #FridayLook                 #FridayFeatures

#Fridaze                      #FridayHumour           #FridayMotivation

#FridayLove                 #FridayNightFun         #FriyayVibes

#FridayFlow                #FridayStyle                #Friyayyy



#Saturdaze                  #SaturdayGrind           #Weekending              #WeekendEats

#SaturdayOff              #SaturdayOut              #Weekenders              #WeekendFeels

#SaturdayRun             #SaturdayPic               #WeekendWear         

#SaturdayChill             #SaturdayRide            #WeekendVibe

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Thank you for reading us and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

- The Frenzr Team

How can you activate your social media community?

Have you ever wondered how to activate your social media community after all the hard work you've put into building it?

We're a social media marketing agency and it's our job to build these communities for our clients throughout engaging and authentic content. But there's so much that can be done with this community in and out the digital world.

1. Contests

Engage with your social media audience about a contest that you're organizing online, in store or at a particular event. Invite them to tag or come with a friend for an extra chance to win.

Contests are a great way to get noticed by a new audience so it's time to shine!

2. Opening-up a 2 way conversation

Instead of being always informative in your conversation, open the topic up and ask your audience what THEY think. 

Their insight might even make you think of a way to improve your product but most importantly it will reassure your clients that you're listening.

3. Be present locally

Think about all the pop-ups, conferences and sponsorship opportunities in your niche and city. Be present and let your followers know. If you meet people at events, invite them to follow you and do let them know that ''you'd love to connect''.

If done wisely, this tactic can become very profitable and spread your name loudly!

4. Offer a value that they couldn't find else where

Whatever your industry, be the master of your subject - as the owner you have a powerful say. Create interesting content that no other could do (behind the scenes Instagram stories, tutorials, e-mail subscriber only tips, monthly meet-ups, etc.)

5. Do something different

Think outside the box, just because no one else is doing it, doesn't mean YOU can't!

Some ideas:

- Meet-ups
- Free class (sponsored by you)
- Instagram stories takeover by an influencer in your niche or someone local
- Podcast
- Freebies with e-mail list subscription (Drop that 10% off already)

Remember, whatever you do - show you online community that YOU ARE ACTIVE and that they are missing out by not coming!

- The Frenzr Team

5 Best Social Media Practices for 2017

montreal social media

Now that 2016 is over, it’s time to clean up that Instagram account and give it a little make over. Social media is here to stay and if you’re a young entrepreneur or business owner with no social media skills your company is less likely to succeed.

Think of social media as your number one source of communication. Whatever you post on social media has the potential of reaching a large audience, but the question is how do you get that large audience?

One word: CONTENT.

Your content is what attracts people to your page. It’s no surprise that content can either make you or break you. If you’re a business owner, your content will attract customers to your page and thus, your business. At Frenzr, we work with several types of audiences and we know what they love. That’s why we decided to share with you the 5 best social media practices for 2017:


1. Quality Content

Great quality photos are what makes a social media account stand out. Almost everyone is on social media and you’re going up against businesses and accounts that are selling the same thing you are. So how do you make your photos more attractive than your competitors?

By having great photos of course. This means that you really need to be picky when uploading photos on social media since future customers/clients will see them. Imagine you’re hungry and want something to eat. You’re thinking of ordering so you take a look at some restaurants online. Would you pick the restaurant that has a high quality gallery of photos showcasing their delicious food or would you pick the restaurant whose photos are barely visible and pixelated? Of course you’d go for the first restaurant. Well, that’s how social media works. Having clear, high quality pictures are more likely to get you noticed.

We recommend taking pictures using a professional camera; one of our favourites is the Canon Rebel T5i. We know cameras can be expensive so if you don’t have one why not try some simple editing before posting? iPhones work really well but sometimes you need a little extra polishing before uploading.


2. Brand / Influencer Outreach

This one is especially important if you’re trying to gain some exposure! Social media has become really popular which means that there is A LOT of competition. If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner or blogger you need as much exposure as you can get. Well, you’re already steps ahead if you have a social media account but is there a way to take it one step further?

We like to call this step brand/influencer outreach because, well, simply put, that’s what it is. The simplest way to get someone’s attention on social media is to tag them in your pictures. If you want to get noticed by other companies or brands then you really need to put yourself out there.

Don’t be shy! You have nothing to lose. Right now, companies are actually actively looking for people to promote their products.  They want to connect with you but you can’t wait for opportunities to land on your lap, you have to be willing to look for them!

And if you are a business, this goes the other way around too! Reach out to the influencers in your area and simply propose them your product/service in exchange of visibility. Be nice & genuine, you’re guaranteed a response!


3. Hashtag Research

So you have great, high quality content and you already know the brands you want to target… now what?

One of social media’s best tools to get noticed are hashtags. Hashtags are used to label all of your content. This helps other users find content on a specific topic, which is very helpful in order to drive potential audiences to your page. For example, if you’re page focuses on travel, you’re hashtags belong to a specific niche. That niche is of course, travel. By adding some travel hashtags, you are exposing your page to other people who are actively looking for travel content.  

Hashtags however are a little bit trickier than you think. You can’t just hashtag any word you like… well, you could, but it won’t be of much effect. Your hashtags need to be relevant to what you are posting, they need to be niche hashtags.

Hashtags should also be somewhat popular. What do we mean by this? Well, if you’re using a hashtag, you want to make sure that other people on the Internet are searching the same hashtag as well. This ensures that your content is visible to other users. That being said, you want to avoid REALLY popular hashtags since there is more competition. If you are growing your account, using a popular hashtag like #love is much too broad and the chances of your content being visible to other people are very slim.

Sometimes, you can create your own hashtag but we recommend sticking to one or two personal hashtags. Test out your personalized hashtags on your content and make sure to use them on every picture you post so that your audience becomes familiar with them. Once your page has grown, people will be able to recognize your brand through your hashtags.


4. Planning

Another great social media practice is to plan your posts ahead of time. We all have very busy lives and sometimes it’s hard to find the time to post something, but guess what? Posting is what makes your account active and it’s what helps you stand out so you kind of have to do it. This is where planning can make your life a lot easier!

By planning your posts for the week, or month, you can go about your day without worrying about what content you are going to post next. At Frenzr, we like to build a calendar of the content that we are posting for the month along with captions and hashtags so that everything is ready ahead of time. Simply create a calendar on Word or Google Slides and place all your content for the week, or month on there. You can add a column for the captions too so that those are ready for you to post when the time comes.


Bonus tip: UNUM APP

-       We just can’t get enough of this app. UNUM app let’s you visually plan your Instagram feed so that you can see what your photos will look like together before posting them. It’s all about the details, and this app allows you to create a beautiful feed by letting you preview your future posts on your feed. You can even re-arrange photos to find the perfect location on your feed.

-       You can also share your photos to Instagram directly from their app, along with your caption as well!


5. Consistency

You know the saying, ‘Consistency is key’?

It couldn’t be truer. Consistency is what keeps your audience coming back for more. It ensures that your audience continues to follow you on all your social media accounts. What we’re trying to say is, it’s VERY important.

Let us break it down for you. Would you continue to follow an account that isn’t very active and posts once every month? The answer is no. You follow people on social media for a reason and that’s because you want to see their content. Consistent posting is crucial. You want to make sure that you are delivering quality content to your audience of potential clients on a regular basis.

Which brings us back to point numero 4. This is why planning is so important. It allows you to deliver consistent content on your social media accounts. This is also why you edit your pictures and make sure that they are all high quality – so that your feed looks consistent. You see, consistency is a big part of the social media game.


At Frenzr, we know our social media the way doctors known the human body. It’s what we do best! We hope that these 5 social media practices can help you grow your social media accounts and put you on the radar!

Just remember that your account does not grow over night and it does take time to see results but we promise that by using these 5 practices, you’ll be on the right track to social media success!

We wish you a successful #SocialMedia year!

- The Frenzr Team

How to find the perfect influencer for your brand?

Frenzr Social Media Agency

How to find the perfect influencer for your brand?

Everyone is in the ''influencer marketing'' train and so are you probably. Many questions come to the mind of small to medium business owners when it comes to attracting clients via the opinion of someone influential.

Let's break it all down.

What's influencer marketing?

Bringing in/Giving a product to someone with a big audience for them to promote (picture, video, blog post, presence, ..).

Why do people do influencer marketing?

It's part of a whole communication mix - the more ways you get to speak to your target customer, the more chances you have of him buying your product.

Where do I find influencers?

Here, it really depends on your business. Let's take most of my clients - either a local business or a product that can be shipped worldwide.

For the local business - you need a local influencer. I'd say that your best bet is to run a search on Instagram by hashtags related to your business. For example, if you're looking to attract a foodie with a decent following to come by your restaurant and write a blog post, you should start by running a hashtag search like: #foodietoronto, #torontofood, #torontoeats

Here's what you'll get:

frenzr social media agency montreal
frenzr social media agency
Frenzr Social Media Agency

Ok, now what?

Browse though accounts and compile usernames with whom you relate your business/vision to. Then find a way to reach them (most of them will leave their e-mail in their bio, if not you can write them a Direct Message or comment).

How many followers to they need to have? Is the bigger, the better?

Of course that the more followers they have, the more people will see your product/brand BUT there's so much more to consider!

1. Keep it authentic - don't mix your brand with an influencer simply because of his/her numbers. Make sure that it's a natural relationship because in the contrary case, it will make your brand look pushy. Think about the look of the influencer and what's the added value of it for YOUR brand - only then move forward.

2. Have a defined budget - You might have to pay the influencers you'd like to partner up with. Make sure you know how much you're ready to spend (read more below on that).

3. Interaction levels - Buying followers today is the easiest thing, so to protect yourself, make sure you analyse their latest posts and the interaction levels they are getting. Of course, the more interactive their community - the better for your brand.

Will you have to break the bank?

It depends who you'd like to work with. There are some amazingly creative influencers out there but they also don't come cheap. Here's a general rule:

0 to 15 000 followers: Micro influencers - you could simply send them your product and not necessarily have to pay them (very general rule, not everyone applies it).

15 000 followers and +: Will charge you about 10% of their followership + a set fee for their time.
So let's say X person has 25 000 followers, they'd charge you 250$ + 75$ for their creative time/drop in time. (again, this is simply a standard rule by which most influencers go by - it isn't applied by everyone).


Do your research, analyse the interaction rates, check with your budget, contact, negotiate, guide on your needs (specific hashtags, tone, vibe..) & make sure you use the visibility (interact on the post and repost on your channels).

Mariella Katz,
Founder of Frenzr

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me directly at

Bye Bye Snapchat

instagram new update killing snapchat frenzr social media agency

Instagram just released a new update and forget about the filters - this time it's BIG.

The social media platform has been buggy for the last two weeks & speculation had it that an important change is coming out! Instagram Stories.

What are Instagram Stories?

Just like Snapchat, the Instagram stories allow you to take instant pictures/videos that will disappear in a matter of 24h. The posts are not visible in the usual feed. Here's a preview of how your stories appear on you:

instagram new update snapchat

What does it change for you as a user?

You'll have all of your favorite bloggers/friends/contacts at a reach away from your feed. No need to change apps. Easier for sure! Maybe missing the dog faces though!

What does it change for you as a brand?

GREAT news! Now all of your followers also follow your Instagram Stories, so you can make them live your brand at any time - no need to collect anymore Snapchat users. It's been hard for brands to connect with their users via Snapchat since people tend to be more interested in their friends or famous people! Now - consider the connection done. All you need is content!

Now - time to go explore! Make sure you follow us on Instagram, we'll be sharing daily snaps on our stories too! Read our latest blog post on ''How to Become The Face Of Your Brand'' here.

The 4 Steps For An Unforgettable Instagram Profile

frenzr montreal social media agency

1. Have an easy to find + remember username

Make sure that once you've been found, you won't be forgotten. Simplify your username, make it catchy, create a pun .. there are different ways to make it happen. Avoid numbers, they won't make your name appealing and it will be hard for you to create a brand using the numbers.

If the name is taken, search for another one - give yourself time don't rush into it.

2. Upload an eye catcher profile picture

Yes! Uploading an eye catcher profile picture for your social media profiles is KEY! Make it stand out by having a bright background colour, the rule is to be different.

Don't try to blend in!

3. Let your bio be the welcome mat

I often get asked: ''How do I create a perfect Instagram Bio?'' and the answer is simple but might be harder to execute. Let your bio be the welcome mat.

You don't have a lot of space so make every single word count.

The goal is to sum up everything that you do into a couple of words + being catchy. Here are some examples that we'll analyze after:


So what does my profile, Maca's, Gabrielle Lacasse's and Sarah Babineau's have that you should integrate into your Instagram bio too?

1. They all tell you what they do as a primary job. Mainly because all of our jobs happen to be somewhat digital but also because social media opens so many doors today - so be out there.

2. We all tell you where we are from. People relate to people from their own city. Also, we talked about opportunities so it's an addition to when someone likes your work and you so happen to be in their city.

3. There's always a link to something else - either my workshop or their blogs. Don't be shy to put in your portfolio, blog, web, work website - people are curious. Tell them a story.

4. There's always a little fun pun, or another way to connect with them. It's either a snapchat profile, the handle of their job or a joke on avocados. It all works - but be original.


4. Tell a visual story

Make your pictures all work together, as if you were reading the same book all along if you'd have to turn the pages. Find a theme and stick to it. Here are a couple of profiles that I admire for that personally. 

And a quick link to their profiles: @gossipstyle, @studiodiy, @ttothen, @madmavenstyle, @songofstyle, @monicafriese, @dr__lauren, @bingotheory, @oh.sopretty, @abeautifulmess and @mwmmpls.

I bet you understand it all better now. Their profiles are truly beautiful.


Thank you for reading me. My name is Mariella Katz, founder of the Montreal based social media agency Frenzr. We're creators, strategists, copy writers and so much more.

Feel free to contact me: