social media community

How can you activate your social media community?

Have you ever wondered how to activate your social media community after all the hard work you've put into building it?

We're a social media marketing agency and it's our job to build these communities for our clients throughout engaging and authentic content. But there's so much that can be done with this community in and out the digital world.

1. Contests

Engage with your social media audience about a contest that you're organizing online, in store or at a particular event. Invite them to tag or come with a friend for an extra chance to win.

Contests are a great way to get noticed by a new audience so it's time to shine!

2. Opening-up a 2 way conversation

Instead of being always informative in your conversation, open the topic up and ask your audience what THEY think. 

Their insight might even make you think of a way to improve your product but most importantly it will reassure your clients that you're listening.

3. Be present locally

Think about all the pop-ups, conferences and sponsorship opportunities in your niche and city. Be present and let your followers know. If you meet people at events, invite them to follow you and do let them know that ''you'd love to connect''.

If done wisely, this tactic can become very profitable and spread your name loudly!

4. Offer a value that they couldn't find else where

Whatever your industry, be the master of your subject - as the owner you have a powerful say. Create interesting content that no other could do (behind the scenes Instagram stories, tutorials, e-mail subscriber only tips, monthly meet-ups, etc.)

5. Do something different

Think outside the box, just because no one else is doing it, doesn't mean YOU can't!

Some ideas:

- Meet-ups
- Free class (sponsored by you)
- Instagram stories takeover by an influencer in your niche or someone local
- Podcast
- Freebies with e-mail list subscription (Drop that 10% off already)

Remember, whatever you do - show you online community that YOU ARE ACTIVE and that they are missing out by not coming!

- The Frenzr Team