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The 6 Mistakes You're Making On Instagram

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1.    Having Your Instagram Account on Private

Our number one faux pas on Instagram is having it on private.
First impressions matter, and by having a private account, you’re making no impression at all. When followers come across your page, if they have no visual content telling them WHO you are and WHAT you do, you can’t possibly engage with potential followers. Would you walk into an art gallery that has no art? No, because there’s nothing to look at. People want to follow content they enjoy, are interested in and can engage with right away. Potential followers do not want to ‘request’ to follow you only to hear back a day later. By that time, they’ve probably completely forgotten they requested in the first place. 


2.    Badly Executed Posting

Badly executed posts can be many things; posting too much, too little, having very little diversity in posts, and having bad content.

Everyone has that handful of friends on Instagram who post five photos a day for a week (usually when they’re on vacation right?) and then become radio silent for a month. Posting too much and inconsistently can deeply damage the traffic you bring to your page.

Followers want people who are reliable, surprise them everyday, and put effort into what they offer to their followers. With that being said, they don’t want to see the same thing every day. You can have the best strategy in the world, but if every post touches on the same topic or is constantly a #repost, followers will grow tired very fast. On the topic of content in posts, it is also very important to put the time and effort into making each photo unique, interesting and high quality. People love it when their news feeds are flooded with well thought out content.

Give yourself time to take a photo that has meaning, edit it and make it as beautiful as possible! We know you can! 


3.    Not Engaging with your Followers

If you are trying to grow a business with a good social media presence, your followers are your friends, they are your social media family. It is SO important to engage with the people who take time out of their busy schedules to comment and appreciate your work. Also, don’t forget, when people engage with your page, their followers can also see their activity which opens up a whole new window of opportunity for you! It’s a win-win!


4.    Not Using Hashtags

Hashtags are key to growing a successful Instagram account either for personal or business use. Hashtags allow people to find your photos! When you # a photo, Instagram categorizes it and makes it easier for people search that said Hashtag and find your photo.  If you don’t use hashtags, you’re making it very difficult for people to find your content which will only be hurt your business. We know there’s stigma around using “too many hashtags”, but who cares! If you want to grow a successful account, Hashtags are key, and the people who find your content will thank you for using them! It is also important to use ‘niche’ hashtags, so you don’t get caught up in all of the noise of social media. [Read our; ‘Hashtags for Everyday of the Week’ blog post to learn more about niche Hashtags and to see examples]. 


5.    Your Bio & Captions Don’t Inspire your Followers

Like a synopsis of a book (but WAY shorter!), you need your Instagram bio and captions to be catchy, relevant and inspiring! Like we mentioned before, first impressions matter, so it’s important to create a bio that speaks to your viewers and is true to yourself. It is important to include your name, what you do, as well as a fun anecdote [something you love that has nothing to do with your job]. Consider adding your location as well because people who share the same location as you will connect with you faster. Don’t be afraid to throw in a few emojis as well, but don’t over do it! 

For a business account, it is important to have a bio that explains your business because potential followers want to know right away! They don’t want to spend ten minutes googling you (if they even get to that!) trying to figure you out! If you have a website, it would also be a great idea to add the link to your website or upcoming events in your bio, that way when you caption posts “link in bio” your followers will know exactly where to go and have easy access to more of your content!

Regarding captions, your followers just want you to be real with them. Short and sweet is great, but every once and awhile, followers love to read real stories, like who really IS the person behind the scenes! Don’t be afraid to share stories, experiences, and goals. Treat your followers like your friends, and they will listen.


6.    You Don’t Have a Clear Visual Strategy

When building a solid Instagram page for personal use or business, it is important to have a clear idea of what kind of content you’d like to post. People generally follow accounts because they want your overall theme to be the same. Either your theme is 'business woman', 'mommy blogger' and so on, overall, you need to have something connecting all of your photos [other than yourself]. If you’re a business woman, and your account is professional, fun and colourful, we don’t need to see every course you had for dinner last night! If you’re a blogging traveling chef, then yes, we would expect to see some #foodstagrams! 

In order to be consistent throughout the week, the easiest way to stay on top is by planning everything out and refraining from posting photos as you take them. Take your photos ahead of time, edit them and see if you still like them. Many times we love photos when we take them, then look back the next day and absolutely hate them! Visualize what your new content will look like with the rest of your images. Does it follow your colour theme? Is the story behind it compelling enough or relatable to your type of followers? Set times during the day when you’d like to post and really take the time to create good fluid content that works together with what you have. 

There you go,
Now go and apply!

- The Frenzr Social Media team

The 4 Steps For An Unforgettable Instagram Profile

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1. Have an easy to find + remember username

Make sure that once you've been found, you won't be forgotten. Simplify your username, make it catchy, create a pun .. there are different ways to make it happen. Avoid numbers, they won't make your name appealing and it will be hard for you to create a brand using the numbers.

If the name is taken, search for another one - give yourself time don't rush into it.

2. Upload an eye catcher profile picture

Yes! Uploading an eye catcher profile picture for your social media profiles is KEY! Make it stand out by having a bright background colour, the rule is to be different.

Don't try to blend in!

3. Let your bio be the welcome mat

I often get asked: ''How do I create a perfect Instagram Bio?'' and the answer is simple but might be harder to execute. Let your bio be the welcome mat.

You don't have a lot of space so make every single word count.

The goal is to sum up everything that you do into a couple of words + being catchy. Here are some examples that we'll analyze after:


So what does my profile, Maca's, Gabrielle Lacasse's and Sarah Babineau's have that you should integrate into your Instagram bio too?

1. They all tell you what they do as a primary job. Mainly because all of our jobs happen to be somewhat digital but also because social media opens so many doors today - so be out there.

2. We all tell you where we are from. People relate to people from their own city. Also, we talked about opportunities so it's an addition to when someone likes your work and you so happen to be in their city.

3. There's always a link to something else - either my workshop or their blogs. Don't be shy to put in your portfolio, blog, web, work website - people are curious. Tell them a story.

4. There's always a little fun pun, or another way to connect with them. It's either a snapchat profile, the handle of their job or a joke on avocados. It all works - but be original.


4. Tell a visual story

Make your pictures all work together, as if you were reading the same book all along if you'd have to turn the pages. Find a theme and stick to it. Here are a couple of profiles that I admire for that personally. 

And a quick link to their profiles: @gossipstyle, @studiodiy, @ttothen, @madmavenstyle, @songofstyle, @monicafriese, @dr__lauren, @bingotheory, @oh.sopretty, @abeautifulmess and @mwmmpls.

I bet you understand it all better now. Their profiles are truly beautiful.


Thank you for reading me. My name is Mariella Katz, founder of the Montreal based social media agency Frenzr. We're creators, strategists, copy writers and so much more.

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