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The Top Content Marketing Strategies to Bring into 2019

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Social Media is always changing and evolving as each day goes by. It has become the main way to keep us connected to our friends and family, but a platform that has ever grown for businesses. The medium became increasingly important this last year for brands to create a connection with their audience and will continue to grow in 2019.

If you’re looking to ensure your 2019 is on track, these next few strategies should be your go-to starting points:

1. The 5 P’s

Plan, Produce, Publish, Promote and Prove. These 5 points go hand in hand when it comes to content marketing and social media marketing! 

Planning and organizing is the key to your success. Start by listing your objectives, who you want to be targeting, and the tools you will need to make it all happen! 

Producing content isn’t easy for everyone and not everyone has the eye for it. But that’s no problem! Hire the right content creator who can not only create beautiful images and content for you, but that can organize it in the most effective way for your business.

Next step, publish. Picking the right platform for your business is just as important as the content you’ve created for it. Think about Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Pinterest, blogs, etc. 

Promoting is how you give all this hard work a little boost.  Yes there is the obvious, “paid promotions”, however you can also promote yourself through email subscribers to simply including it in your email signature! 

Finally, prove. Prove whether or not your plan worked. Keep track of where you started to where you ended up. Mark down all the goals you achieved and those that you quite haven’t yet. It’s a long journey, but worth it!

2. Customer Support 

More than 63% of consumers now expect companies to offer customer service through their social channels, and over 90% of users have already used the medium to reach out to brands and businesses. 

While we all sort of knew this already, we now have the statistics to back it up. Take the time to check through your businesses private messages and direct messages and make sure their enquiries are answered! 

3. Have a Constant Voice

By voice, we mean how you represent your brand.  This includes everything from the images you create to the wording you use on your social content! All of these aspects need to have a distinct voice and match on all your social platforms. 

It is important to choose one style and stick to it through all your campaigns!

4. Micro-Influencers

Influencer marketing is not new, however it is quite misunderstood by a lot of people!

When thinking about choosing the right influencer, sometimes thinking too big doesn’t get you anywhere! Think about your locals, think about your niche! Look for someone that can truly represent you or your brand and that will allow a longer term partnership that is natural and the perfect for both of you! Choosing the right micro-influencer can be a huge game changer for businesses of all sizes and is a great way for brand awareness and a real connection to your target audience!

We are excited to be stepping into 2019 together and hope these 4 pointers will allow you to execute better than ever for your social media channels! It’s time to build a community!

From your favourite social media team,
- Frenzr

Stressed over creating social media posts?

The ultimate content creation guide.

As a social media agency, we've noticed that users & companies do have a lot of trouble over creating social media posts. We've created a simple, step-by-step on how to ease that stress! 

frenzr social media montreal toronto


1- Structure yourself. Determine how many times a week you want to post, who’s your audience, what’s your ultimate goal (do you want to provide value, inspire or simply share what you like?). 


2- Find the subjects you want to cover. Be realistic. If you know you only travel once a year, don’t think of traveling as one of your main social media topics. It can be lifestyle, beauty, health, fitness, fashion, etc. 


Samantha Cutler (@samanthaecutler) in a lifestyle/wellness niche.

social media agency montreal toronto
social media agency montreal toronto


3- Figure out a style that you like and relate to. Think about it, this is the style that you’ll have to create for your social media persona. Find at least 5 accounts that you relate to and that inspire you.


4- Buy all the accessories that you might need for your photos. Think outside the box, even the dollar store is a great option for some funky colors, papers and props. 


5- Find the weapon of your choice, and by weapon, of course we mean camera. Anything from an iPhone to a DSLR camera will do (it all depends on your budget and skills set). Psst: Youtube tutorials are your best friend. 


6- Get working with the editing app of your choice. We particularly love: A Color Story, Adobe Photoshop Express and VSCO Cam

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7- By now you’re probably at week 4 at producing social media content and you’re feeling stuck just as you were before reading this guide. Now what can you do? It’s time to reinvent and reinspire yourself (finding different inspiration is always a plus at this step). Analyse the content you’ve produced, see what worked and what didn’t. Now go and make it better! 


8- It’s time to try something different! What about making a boomerang, a short video or maybe even a gif? 


9- Doesn’t it start to get lonely? Get collaborating! Find someone in your area that has the same style and niche as you, meet up, connect, take photos together and post them on your respective channels. This will bring you credibility and of course, a brand new audience. 


10- Stop stressing, go have fun!