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Top 10 Most Instagrammable spots in Toronto

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After our previous blog post on the most Instagrammable spots in Montreal, we thought it was only fair to repeat the process for Toronto. With our Social Media Masterclass coming to the 6ix, what better way to spend our stay than by seeing what the city has to offer in terms of IG-worthy places. You will definitely find the Frenzr team in one of these locations! 

1. Calii Love

First mention goes to Calii Love. This Californian inspired restaurant offers a variety of colorful healthy meals that you'll want to snap before digging in; acaï, poké and smoothie bowls obviously making the list. The "straight out of Instagram" interior, the to-go cups marked "good vibes only", are the definition of instagrammable. 


2. Rooster Coffee House

Toronto, like Montreal, has a lot of nice little coffee shops that deserve to be featured on your feed, but there's only so much coffee we can drink in a day. Rooster Coffee House is the classic coffee shop of 2017, neon signs, a long welcoming bench, suspended lights, ceramic white walls and more! Everything there makes you want to pull out your camera!


3. Early Bird Espresso & Brew Bar

They have it all! The trendiest foods can be found at this Multi-Roaster Coffee Shop, and by trendy, we mean unicorn toast and charcoal latte trendy. You'll also find a brick white wall and a neon sign but.. unicorn toast and charcoal latte. 


4. Jimmy's Coffee

Jimmy clearly knows what he's doing, with now six locations all over Toronto, their Instagram presence keeps multiplying. Depending on which location you're visiting you'll find a different vibe to each; some being more modern, others adopting a more vintage look. In the heart of the Kensington Market, you'll find the one that might just be our favorite. In the summer, its back patio is a little oasis, making you forget that you're in downtown Toronto.  

5. Doomie's Toronto

Fast food is not known for being photogenic. Vegan fast food on the other hand..sure. Even though the food at Doomie's is a vegan dream come true, it's not why it made our top 10. The walls walking up to the restroom are what you'll want to see. Comics showcasing vegan humor will bring a smile to both omnivores and plant-based eaters as it's portraying real life scenarios of both points of view. Plates stuck to the ceramic walls feature cute drawings of animals, reminding every one of the true purpose of the place.


6. Short & Sweet Bakeshop

Colorful yummy treats are always worth taking a picture of, but when the background is as pretty as the sweets, it becomes mandatory. That's what you'll find when you walk into Short & Sweet Bakeshop. Just take a look at the picture, there's really no other way to describe the beauty of this place. 


7. Wish restaurant

Posting a brunch picture on a Sunday is always a good idea and so is brunching at Wish restaurant. Its rustic scenery and classic brunch items are just what you need for the perfect #SundayFunday post. 

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8. Sweet Jesus

Original desserts served in original cups, talk about a bright and fun picture! Take it even further and show off your fresh new manicure, it's going to make all the difference, trust us. 


9. Pop Physique

Need a good reason to work out? How about giving the #FitnessFam some love? 

Pop Physique is a ballet and barre workout studio set in the most adorable/insta-worthy studio. The vibrant colors of the equipment and the airy space make it the perfect place to tone the body and glam that IG. 


10: Eva's Original Chimneys

Eva's Chimney Cakes and cones are one of a kind in Toronto! Forget the looks they are also delicious! From a variety of flavours, neon lights & being in one of the coolest neighborhoods - makes this spot a one of a kind!