Bye Bye Snapchat

instagram new update killing snapchat frenzr social media agency

Instagram just released a new update and forget about the filters - this time it's BIG.

The social media platform has been buggy for the last two weeks & speculation had it that an important change is coming out! Instagram Stories.

What are Instagram Stories?

Just like Snapchat, the Instagram stories allow you to take instant pictures/videos that will disappear in a matter of 24h. The posts are not visible in the usual feed. Here's a preview of how your stories appear on you:

instagram new update snapchat

What does it change for you as a user?

You'll have all of your favorite bloggers/friends/contacts at a reach away from your feed. No need to change apps. Easier for sure! Maybe missing the dog faces though!

What does it change for you as a brand?

GREAT news! Now all of your followers also follow your Instagram Stories, so you can make them live your brand at any time - no need to collect anymore Snapchat users. It's been hard for brands to connect with their users via Snapchat since people tend to be more interested in their friends or famous people! Now - consider the connection done. All you need is content!

Now - time to go explore! Make sure you follow us on Instagram, we'll be sharing daily snaps on our stories too! Read our latest blog post on ''How to Become The Face Of Your Brand'' here.