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How to find the perfect influencer for your brand?

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How to find the perfect influencer for your brand?

Everyone is in the ''influencer marketing'' train and so are you probably. Many questions come to the mind of small to medium business owners when it comes to attracting clients via the opinion of someone influential.

Let's break it all down.

What's influencer marketing?

Bringing in/Giving a product to someone with a big audience for them to promote (picture, video, blog post, presence, ..).

Why do people do influencer marketing?

It's part of a whole communication mix - the more ways you get to speak to your target customer, the more chances you have of him buying your product.

Where do I find influencers?

Here, it really depends on your business. Let's take most of my clients - either a local business or a product that can be shipped worldwide.

For the local business - you need a local influencer. I'd say that your best bet is to run a search on Instagram by hashtags related to your business. For example, if you're looking to attract a foodie with a decent following to come by your restaurant and write a blog post, you should start by running a hashtag search like: #foodietoronto, #torontofood, #torontoeats

Here's what you'll get:

frenzr social media agency montreal
frenzr social media agency
Frenzr Social Media Agency

Ok, now what?

Browse though accounts and compile usernames with whom you relate your business/vision to. Then find a way to reach them (most of them will leave their e-mail in their bio, if not you can write them a Direct Message or comment).

How many followers to they need to have? Is the bigger, the better?

Of course that the more followers they have, the more people will see your product/brand BUT there's so much more to consider!

1. Keep it authentic - don't mix your brand with an influencer simply because of his/her numbers. Make sure that it's a natural relationship because in the contrary case, it will make your brand look pushy. Think about the look of the influencer and what's the added value of it for YOUR brand - only then move forward.

2. Have a defined budget - You might have to pay the influencers you'd like to partner up with. Make sure you know how much you're ready to spend (read more below on that).

3. Interaction levels - Buying followers today is the easiest thing, so to protect yourself, make sure you analyse their latest posts and the interaction levels they are getting. Of course, the more interactive their community - the better for your brand.

Will you have to break the bank?

It depends who you'd like to work with. There are some amazingly creative influencers out there but they also don't come cheap. Here's a general rule:

0 to 15 000 followers: Micro influencers - you could simply send them your product and not necessarily have to pay them (very general rule, not everyone applies it).

15 000 followers and +: Will charge you about 10% of their followership + a set fee for their time.
So let's say X person has 25 000 followers, they'd charge you 250$ + 75$ for their creative time/drop in time. (again, this is simply a standard rule by which most influencers go by - it isn't applied by everyone).


Do your research, analyse the interaction rates, check with your budget, contact, negotiate, guide on your needs (specific hashtags, tone, vibe..) & make sure you use the visibility (interact on the post and repost on your channels).

Mariella Katz,
Founder of Frenzr

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me directly at

The 7 Golden Rules of Instagram

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At Frenzr, we often get asked the Do's and Don'ts of Instagram whether in business or simply for a personal account. So I've decided to break it down to you in this quick blog post on the few golden rules!

1. Don't post bad quality photos
Quality over quantity, hold on tight and don't rush into posting simply because you're excited. Make the time to take a great picture, edit it, write your caption & then post. No one will feel like following you if your pictures aren't worthy of it!

2. Let your content age
It's important to let your content ''age'' aka gain some traction on likes. Instagram's algorithm averages out your % of interactions and that's how it will either push forward or back your content (remember that they changed their algorithm about 3 months ago - now not everyone sees your posts).

3. Never buy followers
It's probably the decision you'll regret the most in the long term. Why? Because now your account looks horrible with 4000 followers but 20 likes on your photos. It doesn't add up and people will know, therefore, you will lose credibility.

4. Always use hashtags (niche hashtags)
Use the hashtags as much as you can, don't be shy. If you're looking to grow your account, your goal is to always be in the TOP recommended posts per hashtag. How can you achieve that? Read on number 6 & 7 but focus on smaller tags with an average of 50 000 to 200 000 posts. That way, you'll have a better chance to get to the top.

5. Always tag a location
Another way to get found is by location. Think about the time you were searching for a breakfast spot and you clicked into the Location of Emily's post to browse in depth, then you followed the person because #1 He lives in your city #2 Posts about things that interest you & #3 You found him through a relatable to you way!

6. Always answer to your comments
It will boost your interaction levels and as mentioned before that will bring your picture to the top 9 suggested posts per hashtags.

7. Interactions, interactions, interactions
Not only in your comments but with ALL the hashtags you tag your picture with. Interact before posting & after posting + 1 additional time during the day, the increase you'll see will be significant. WHY? Because you're telling Instagram that not only you post with the given hashtags but you're also an active member of the communities (which is exactly what the tags represent).

Now whats your next step? Put some time & effort, it's truly worth it especially if you're a small business owner and you're looking to expand your digital presence.