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5 Best Social Media Practices for 2017

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Now that 2016 is over, it’s time to clean up that Instagram account and give it a little make over. Social media is here to stay and if you’re a young entrepreneur or business owner with no social media skills your company is less likely to succeed.

Think of social media as your number one source of communication. Whatever you post on social media has the potential of reaching a large audience, but the question is how do you get that large audience?

One word: CONTENT.

Your content is what attracts people to your page. It’s no surprise that content can either make you or break you. If you’re a business owner, your content will attract customers to your page and thus, your business. At Frenzr, we work with several types of audiences and we know what they love. That’s why we decided to share with you the 5 best social media practices for 2017:


1. Quality Content

Great quality photos are what makes a social media account stand out. Almost everyone is on social media and you’re going up against businesses and accounts that are selling the same thing you are. So how do you make your photos more attractive than your competitors?

By having great photos of course. This means that you really need to be picky when uploading photos on social media since future customers/clients will see them. Imagine you’re hungry and want something to eat. You’re thinking of ordering so you take a look at some restaurants online. Would you pick the restaurant that has a high quality gallery of photos showcasing their delicious food or would you pick the restaurant whose photos are barely visible and pixelated? Of course you’d go for the first restaurant. Well, that’s how social media works. Having clear, high quality pictures are more likely to get you noticed.

We recommend taking pictures using a professional camera; one of our favourites is the Canon Rebel T5i. We know cameras can be expensive so if you don’t have one why not try some simple editing before posting? iPhones work really well but sometimes you need a little extra polishing before uploading.


2. Brand / Influencer Outreach

This one is especially important if you’re trying to gain some exposure! Social media has become really popular which means that there is A LOT of competition. If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner or blogger you need as much exposure as you can get. Well, you’re already steps ahead if you have a social media account but is there a way to take it one step further?

We like to call this step brand/influencer outreach because, well, simply put, that’s what it is. The simplest way to get someone’s attention on social media is to tag them in your pictures. If you want to get noticed by other companies or brands then you really need to put yourself out there.

Don’t be shy! You have nothing to lose. Right now, companies are actually actively looking for people to promote their products.  They want to connect with you but you can’t wait for opportunities to land on your lap, you have to be willing to look for them!

And if you are a business, this goes the other way around too! Reach out to the influencers in your area and simply propose them your product/service in exchange of visibility. Be nice & genuine, you’re guaranteed a response!


3. Hashtag Research

So you have great, high quality content and you already know the brands you want to target… now what?

One of social media’s best tools to get noticed are hashtags. Hashtags are used to label all of your content. This helps other users find content on a specific topic, which is very helpful in order to drive potential audiences to your page. For example, if you’re page focuses on travel, you’re hashtags belong to a specific niche. That niche is of course, travel. By adding some travel hashtags, you are exposing your page to other people who are actively looking for travel content.  

Hashtags however are a little bit trickier than you think. You can’t just hashtag any word you like… well, you could, but it won’t be of much effect. Your hashtags need to be relevant to what you are posting, they need to be niche hashtags.

Hashtags should also be somewhat popular. What do we mean by this? Well, if you’re using a hashtag, you want to make sure that other people on the Internet are searching the same hashtag as well. This ensures that your content is visible to other users. That being said, you want to avoid REALLY popular hashtags since there is more competition. If you are growing your account, using a popular hashtag like #love is much too broad and the chances of your content being visible to other people are very slim.

Sometimes, you can create your own hashtag but we recommend sticking to one or two personal hashtags. Test out your personalized hashtags on your content and make sure to use them on every picture you post so that your audience becomes familiar with them. Once your page has grown, people will be able to recognize your brand through your hashtags.


4. Planning

Another great social media practice is to plan your posts ahead of time. We all have very busy lives and sometimes it’s hard to find the time to post something, but guess what? Posting is what makes your account active and it’s what helps you stand out so you kind of have to do it. This is where planning can make your life a lot easier!

By planning your posts for the week, or month, you can go about your day without worrying about what content you are going to post next. At Frenzr, we like to build a calendar of the content that we are posting for the month along with captions and hashtags so that everything is ready ahead of time. Simply create a calendar on Word or Google Slides and place all your content for the week, or month on there. You can add a column for the captions too so that those are ready for you to post when the time comes.


Bonus tip: UNUM APP

-       We just can’t get enough of this app. UNUM app let’s you visually plan your Instagram feed so that you can see what your photos will look like together before posting them. It’s all about the details, and this app allows you to create a beautiful feed by letting you preview your future posts on your feed. You can even re-arrange photos to find the perfect location on your feed.

-       You can also share your photos to Instagram directly from their app, along with your caption as well!


5. Consistency

You know the saying, ‘Consistency is key’?

It couldn’t be truer. Consistency is what keeps your audience coming back for more. It ensures that your audience continues to follow you on all your social media accounts. What we’re trying to say is, it’s VERY important.

Let us break it down for you. Would you continue to follow an account that isn’t very active and posts once every month? The answer is no. You follow people on social media for a reason and that’s because you want to see their content. Consistent posting is crucial. You want to make sure that you are delivering quality content to your audience of potential clients on a regular basis.

Which brings us back to point numero 4. This is why planning is so important. It allows you to deliver consistent content on your social media accounts. This is also why you edit your pictures and make sure that they are all high quality – so that your feed looks consistent. You see, consistency is a big part of the social media game.


At Frenzr, we know our social media the way doctors known the human body. It’s what we do best! We hope that these 5 social media practices can help you grow your social media accounts and put you on the radar!

Just remember that your account does not grow over night and it does take time to see results but we promise that by using these 5 practices, you’ll be on the right track to social media success!

We wish you a successful #SocialMedia year!

- The Frenzr Team