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Our 5 FAVORITE Creative iPhone Apps

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Apps, apps, apps... There are so many different options when it comes to what app to use to achieve the best Instagram post.

Looking at the app store is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, there are thousands of apps but no way to know if they are actually worth it! The wide array of apps that are presented can be incredibly overwhelming which is why we've made a TOP 5 shortlist for you! We've decided to put together the best creative apps that will help you achieve top notch Instagram/Facebook posts! We will include the best editing apps, planning apps, and video apps so that your content can hit ALL the bases.


A Color Story

This is a multi-faceted editing app that allows you to create hundreds of different effects and filters on your images. The app has three basic categories where you can edit your photos. The categories are; filters, effects, and tools. Each basic category comes with a handful of options and within the app, there is a 'store' in which you can buy more filters or effects. The filters category allows you to add a multitude of filters to your photos to help in the editing process. Although you have to buy extra filters, there are much more options that the standard ones in the Instagram app. The effects consist of different light leaks, color fogs and over effects that you can use on a photo to make your followers wonder "how did you do that?!" While not for everybody, the effects at time can add a certain 'je ne sais quoi' to a photo. The tools feature gives you your basic panel of editing features like clarity, contrast, brightness, saturation and much more! This app really is a one-stop shop when it comes to getting all of your photo editing done in one app.

Our favourite feature: The lengthy editing tools that you can use that go BEYOND Instagram.

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Facetune is a wonderful app for helping you to enhance your features. The app allows you to edit & enhance details on your face, add glow, conceal, matte-fy your face, add vibrancy, whiten teeth and smooth out skin. On a bad skin day, this is great! Had too much red wine? Also great! BUT take into account when using face tune to not tune TOO much, as you still want to look as natural and unedited as possible.

Keep in mind, social media photography & general photography are all about creating the most aesthetic and eye appealing photos without any additional distractions. Little breakouts, teeth color & others can be exactly that distraction at times. We're not saying at ALL that you need to Facetune yourself before posting a photo but it's worth exploring!

Our favourite feature: Detail tool! Adds a contrast + sharpens the edges of the spots you touch! Perfect to make your eyes pop, make the details of your outfit stand out & so much more!

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Planning your Feed


Sometimes it's nice to plan your feed ahead of time so you don't have to come up with content every day crossing your fingers it will all flow together. UNUM allows you to look at what your feed COULD look like. In other words, you can upload images to this app and place them alongside your already existing posts to make sure all is well in the Instagram world. This is great for those who want to achieve a very professional and aesthetically pleasing Instagram. The worst is when you post a photo and it looks terrible with all the others! Within UNUM you can also edit photos, add overlays and text and it will also show you what one photo broke up over multiple posts will look like (you know when you go onto a page and someone has posted multiple pictures for one large post? That's what we're talking about). It makes it easy to do posts as such because you can open the photos straight into Instagram so you don't get mixed up with the placement of the photos! One last feature we love about UNUM is the statistics section. It will keep track of your best hashtags, your top posts, how your feed is performing, and the best times to post. If you upgrade to an elite package you can track how many followers you gain and lose throughout the days, weeks and months. If you're someone who is looking into growing your page, this will help because you'll be able to see first hand what your followers respond well to.  

Our favourite feature: The fact that you can view your Instagram BEFORE posting it! 

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Our next app is called Mosaico and essentially, it does the same thing as UNUM but has slightly different features. This app is incredibly user-friendly as the drag and drop feature makes it easy to switch around your photos to get the perfect flow. As well, you can go into 'ghost' mode which lets you delete certain photos from your feed quickly so you can see what your feed would look like without them. Out of ghost mode, the photos will still be there (in case you didn't ACTUALLY want to delete them!). Another great plus to this is that you can create 'tag clouds' so you can categorize your favourite hashtags making it quick and simple to add to your photo depending on the subject (Food, Selfie, Fashion). 

Our favourite feature: Two words, TAG CLOUDS! We love being organized, and organized hashtags is a dream!




We LOVE this app! This is a great video editing app if you're into creating Instagram videos or even videos in general. VideoShop allows you to import video clips or images, edit their length, add music, voice over, slow motion, text, resize/crop, fade in, fade out and transitions in between clips. Once your video is made, you can also edit brightness, saturation (and more!) in order to make the perfect video. This app is incredibly user-friendly and makes it so easy to share or save to your camera roll. (without a watermark yay!)

Our favourite feature: That you can make videos on your phone without anything else. All you need is the phone, and and the app! Bye bye computer, hello to editing on the go! (Especially great for travel!)

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And there you have it, our top 5 favorite creative apps from the Apple Store!
Keep in mind they are always changing and we promise to stay on top to keep you posted as the leading lifestyle Social Media Agency in Montreal!