becoming the face of your brand

Why you should become the face of your business?

becoming the face of your business

As an entrepreneur, you probably work so much on your product/service that putting yourself out there on social media, might sound a little too braggy to you (yes, all of your friends have given up on asking you out because they know you're ''making it happen'') - we'll talk about that another time.

But now, you've stumbled on this blog post and you're wondering where I'm going with this. I'm here to give you the answers.

1. Your personality = Your brand

People don't fall in love with products, they fall for stories. Get your story across and leave a print in the mind of your potential customers. Remember that your personality speaks for your brand as well! 

2. Take the chance to become your own ambassador

Before even considering doing Influencer Marketing, have you though about yourself? You are the creator of your brand and YOUR opinion matters too. Talk about your company, tell stories, build relationships with fellow entrepreneurs & put yourself out there.

Word of mouth is still the best advertising you could have. 

3. It's free

Exactly! It won't cost you anything, just take a little bit of your time but we all know you connect to Instagram anyway - so put it to use!

4. Community + Future Projects

Today, a community is worth everything. Why? Because these are the people who enjoy your personality (refer to #1) and are most likely to follow you in any of your projects. After a while, you can easily put the word out there that you'll have a pop-up shop appearance/a new product launch or that you're starting a whole new business. Your community will be your FIRST customers, your best feedback providers and will also give you credibility.

Now, are you ready to open up and share your story, vision, process, daily work... ? If the answer is yes, make sure you read this article on the ''7 Golden Rules of Instagram'' - use the tips as your starter guide! 

Have a productive week,