5 Backdrop Ideas for Your Flat Lays

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Do you ever find yourself amazed at how amazing social media is?  There is so much beauty and information, but also it’s a crowded place. At times it can be hard to reach your audience, but we have a few tips on how you can stand out visually. We’ve all heard of the one and only Instagram Flat lay , but many of us have a hard time creating that perfect photo.  Flat lay photography is easy to learn, gives a unique aesthetic and can be a beautiful way to present your key product in a lifestyle setting.

#Flatlay’s are really for all brands and subjects, they are meant to tell a story. The basic idea of it is taking an aerial shot, meaning no angles, and directly from above. But, there is more to it.  The lighting, background, and story telling are key factors when creating your flat lay.

The background/backdrop will be a key element of the art composition of the photo, so here are 5 ideas to take your summer social media photos to the next level.

Our 5 background suggestions:

1. Blankets

The ultimate cozy flat lay. Its soft, leisurely and most of all gives the feel of being at home. It is much more personal and engaging and works best with fashion and cosmetics!

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Photo by @katiecung


2. Wooden backdrop

The classic food flat lay consists of a nice wooden table (or just a wooden tray no one would know)! It is appealing to the eye and makes your food drool worthy!

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Photo by @leconvivecafe

3. White background

We’ve all seen the classic white background flatlay. It is perfect for anything you want to show! Its minimalist and simple qualities leave it timeless and very pleasing to the eye!

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Photo by @ellakatzz

4. Carpets and Furs

When you see a fluffy carpet, you can’t help but stop scrolling and stare. You feel the warmth, and are ready for the story that it tells. 

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Photo by @katerina.myshkina_


5. Floral Backdrop

There’s just something about flowers that always draws someone in. They’re fun, creative, and really fit with every flat lay! 

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We surely hope that these 5 backgrounds inspired you! Now, it's your turn to create! 
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- The Frenzr Team